Of Mice and Men

About Of Mice and Men:

Based on the John Steinbeck novel and play by the same name, Carlisle Floyd's opera, Of Mice and Men tells the tale of two itinerant farm-workers, George Milton and Lennie Small, in their struggle and ultimate failure to achieve their dreams in a hard and cruel world. The opera has received some performance in Europe, and as of 1997 is just beginning to receive performance in the United States.

Cast of Characters

  • Lennie Small, tenor
  • George Milton, baritone
  • Curley, tenor
  • Candy, bass
  • Curley's wife, soprano
  • Slim, baritone
  • Carlson, tenor
  • Ballad Singer, tenor
Ranch Hands (at least 8), male chorus


Synopsis by Jim DeLaHunt

Performance History

Premiere: Seattle Opera Association, Seattle, Washington state, USA
January 22, 1970.


Other Performances:


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